Want to add testimonial slider to custom page

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Hello. We are trying to create a custom testimonial page that is separate from the homepage and has the quotes scrolling just like slideshow images. We copied the code for the slideshow to a new custom page we're calling, "custom-testimonials.liquid" and adjusted the code a bit. We seem to have everything working except we can't figure out how to make the slides responsive so they look good on a mobile device. I've attached screenshots of what the page looks like on a desktop as well as a mobile. As you can see the text of the quotes gets cut off on the mobile version. I've also attached a screenshot of the code used on our custom page. I'm not sure if copying the code for the slideshow is the best way to go about it but we want to have the option of adding an image of our client's logo to their quote. I know I can do this without paying for an app but need a bit of help. Thank you!custom-testimonials_01.jpgcustom-testimonials_02.jpgcustom-testimonials_03.jpg