Warning About FB Pixel - How To Find Out If You Are Affected

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Hey there,

I have once posted a message about many other domains being found to send data through my own pixel. Here is the post: Found weird domains in Facebook Ads Traffic Permissions - Check yours too, may be hacked


This means that other store owners (presumably competitors), all of which are from Shopify in my case, are placing my pixel on their websites. I have not yet completely figured out the reason behind that but I assume it's  to distort my pixel data and make my ads less effective. 


To find out whether you are affected go to your Events Manager -> Settings -> scroll down to Traffic Permissions -> go through the domains sending data through your pixel.


If you find some that you do not know like I found the ones below, then either add them to a blocked list or add your domain(s) to the allowed list. This way there will be no other domains sending data to your pixel. 




Here's the link to Meta Traffic Permissions:




I hope you can solve these issues if you are affected as well


In other words...Kick these snitches in the butt and keep rolling;)


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