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I am using Shopify's basic plan and Impluse theme. when I open the site the images are taken too much time for loading. please suggest any way how the images load fast.

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kindly Share you Store url.
So that we can check and provide you the Solution.

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Hi @SK08 , thank you for visiting the Shopify Forum.


Congratulations on this beautiful store and brand!


Speed is critical for a good customer experience & to get more conversions. It also helps with Google Ranking.
To increase speed of image loading without code you can use before uploading


If you look at it from the Shopify dashboard you'd want a score over 70.Some other tips to increase speed include:


  • not using Page Builders (like Shogun)
  • Deleting unnecessary apps

Your store has a good speed so if you are not paying for traffic I would leave it as is. If you are doing ads then speed is critical to avoid customers from leaving before seeing the products.

To make Adaara Couture crazy fast we do need to get into code: to defer and async JS and CSS, remove old app code, minify files, setup lazy loading and more. We offer seven days delivery and unlimited revisions. Clients routinely see 2x to 3x store increase.Please contact us at to request this service.


Hoped it helped


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Please try to optimize images using compressing tools. If an experts team does your product management, they will handle this. But if you are uploading images alone, you have to be very keen on image optimization.


Don’t use product images as your photographer gives it. It has large in size. It is not easy to use as it is.


Therefore please open images in Adobe Photoshop and resize the images according to your store template and save using “Save For Web” feature in the Photoshop shoftware. Once you have saved, again, please use to compress it before uploading
But please ensure don’t lose the quality of the images. Because due to this process, there may be the chance to lose the quality. Therefore please be very careful. This process is very helpful to increase all your pages speed too.

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