What font can I use for my Shella store and any 2024 font recommendations?

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 What font is this? How I can use it on shella?Can you recomande me another nice and 2024 fonts for my store?:) www.aiciavem.ro


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Hi @sao , Unfortunately, I cannot identify the exact font used in the image you sent. However, I can recommend some similar fonts that you might like for your store in 2024. Here are a few options:

Proxima Nova: This is a clean, modern sans-serif font that is popular for a variety of uses. Lato: This is a friendly and approachable sans-serif font that is perfect for branding and marketing materials.

Merriweather: It is a classic and elegant font that is perfect for websites, blogs, and other printed materials.
Playfair Display: This is a beautiful serif font that is perfect for branding and marketing materials. I think Shella theme has a host of shopify fonts in it . It might have Lato or Bodoni Moda Inbuilt , If not then you would have to use Font-face and Install the fonts . You could look into google fonts as well . if you are not familiar with code it would be better to have someone with some knowledhge and they could help you build the same . 

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