What paid themes are similar to Dawn with more homepage versatility?

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Hello –


I have a wholesale shop (600+ products) which uses the Dawn theme. I use an app so I can approve and permit access to approved trade customers.


I like the way Dawn works but find the home page far too limited – I need more sections and images to tell prospective customers about my business.


I've paid for some custom code to be added to my collections pages (essentially a grid of images) so that customers can click on images to be taken to the relevant sections.


I'm happy to go to a paid theme but one that's, ideally, not too visually different to Dawn. My products are quite retro so I still need it to be timeless (simple and clean – a blank canvas where the products are the focus) but with

• a far more versatile home page, and

• the ability to create Collections pages with a grid of clickable images.


Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I don't edit code so I need someting that works out of the box.



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I have a similar question about moving to a paid theme from Dawn so I don't get boxed in on features.  Did you ever switch to a paid theme? Which one did you get and why?  - Rod at AdorStore.com

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Not yet! Still looking...

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Hi @Sue_Lee , @Rod_Neumann ,


You can check the Pipeline theme please refer the below link to preview.





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