What's the best theme for an online poster shop targeting Gen Y and Gen Z?

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Hello dear community!


We are in search of a suitable theme for our poster online shop. Here, we'll be selling various poster designs (quotes, funny sayings, digital artwork, etc.), with or without frames, metal frames, etc., or as canvas prints, just to give you a brief overview.


In terms of target audience, we are, indeed, aiming to attract two major groups: Gen Y and Gen Z.

The estimated gender distribution is about 60% women to 40% men for Gen Z, with a more balanced ratio (50%/50%) for Gen Y. Accordingly, we need a theme that appeals to all target groups as effectively as possible.


Color schemes, translations for EU languages, and a mega-menu are our criteria. PLUS: A vertical menu right on the homepage. However, as far as we could see, only the "Minion" theme has this:

Minion Theme.png

The 'Minion' theme doesn't look bad at all, but we are aiming for something that appears a bit more serious and professional – I think you know what we mean. Since our shop primarily focuses on categories and each poster is the same product, only differentiated by design, it's very important to us that visitors get a clear overview right upon entering our online shop, hence the vertical menu.


Thank you for reading, and we look forward to every response!



Best regards


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