What's the importance of asking customers to accept cookies?

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I'm using an app to display and ask for cookies, but it blocks important stuff from the first glance of the visitor on mobile.

my store is small, with less than 5k visitors a month.

what's the importance of the cookies in my situation? I'm thinking of removing it.







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Hi @orhl1234

Cookies are like tiny helpers for websites. They remember things you do, like logging into a site or choosing your language. They also keep track of what you've looked at, so you might see ads for things you're interested in. They're like a shopping cart for online stores, helping you keep track of what you want to buy.

But they're not just about convenience. Cookies also help keep websites secure by making sure it's really you logging in and not someone else. Plus, they help websites learn about their visitors so they can make the site better for everyone.

Think of cookies like a little toolkit that helps make your online experience smoother and more personalized.

Hope this can help you
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