What would be the best way to recreate this in shopify?

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Im currently converting this https://jugais.com/receitas/ website to shopify using the impulse theme and i have this section with recipes and have been unable to find a good way to recreate this using the impulse theme i really want to keep the look and the functionality to have 40 recipes divided by 4 pages.

My current idea that would allow me to divide the recipes per multiple pages would be to add each recipe was a product but the visual results is not the best.

Here is the link to the current website page that i want to recreate in shopify using the impulse theme: https://jugais.com/receitas/



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I think using metaobject templates can be a good fit for your case.

Here's an approach if you consider the Posstack Easy Content Builder (A side note, I'm the co-creator of this app):


- You will create blog posts using Easy Content Builder's metaobject template to feature each detailed recipe. Here're some recipe examples created by our app: https://easy-content-builder-demo.myshopify.com/pages/shopify-metaobject-templates
- Then all those recipes will be listed under the default blog


There's a bit of a learning curve to create the first metaobject template using our app (it's all about the configuration, though, no coding involved). However, once you're familiar with the workflow, you can quickly create the recipe page.


Wonder if that's something you will consider.

(Free!) Easy Content Builder - No-code theme sections and metaobject templates for any Shopify store. Add pre-built sections, multi-column layouts, and customize right in the Shopify theme editor.