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Where can I learn custom CSS design for specific website sections?

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where is the best place to learn about custom css for specific sections on a website? Looking to add different fonts, etc.

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There are no specific knowledge for adding custom CSS for sections, you need to take a good look into CSS as a rule based language. Learn the basics or search specifically for tutorials and examples for your needs. Hiring a Shopify Expert or Developer would be the best and safest solution.

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Hi @cj18 

You can learn about CSS code from this website for your purposes.


Here is a guide to adding custom fonts on Shopify:

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If you're looking to learn about custom CSS for specific sections of a website, I recommend checking out online resources like W3Schools or Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) web docs. They provide comprehensive Learning tutorials and guides on CSS, including how to customize fonts and other styling elements. Additionally, you can explore CSS forums or communities like Stack Overflow for specific questions and examples. Practice and experimentation will also be helpful in mastering CSS customization for different website sections.