Where to insert structured data?

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Hi All,

  I've seen other threads about folks looking for help to fix their "missing url" structured data error from Google Search Console for their logo.


My question is where to insert the structured data? If I at least know where it goes, maybe I can fix it or insert it!


For the logo...themes.liquid?


or header.liquid?

I have like 12 header.liquid variations...if in header.liquid, maybe i need to post in each or figure out which one is the right one?


And if I try to fix my Google Search Console product errors - can that structured data just be inserted into my product.liquid page...? or product-template.liquid page?


Thanks for any help!!



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Hi @Earthling 

Adding structured data to your theme will go into different places depending on what exactly you're adding.

For products, you'll add it to your product template. If you want it on every page, you will do it in the theme's layout template.

Make sure you test your pages to ensure the structured data is done properly. You can use this article to evaluate the code https://www.ilanadavis.com/articles/test-json-ld-code-shopify

Also, I would love to recommend the AVADA SEO Suite (free plan available). The app helps add Google Structured Data automatically, without working in coding. 

If you feel like my answer is helpful, please mark it as a SOLUTION. Let me know if you have any questions!

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ok - thanks!