Which is one premium theme that offers multiple clickable logos in the header?

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Does anybody know if there is any premium Shopify theme. That offers the advantage of placing multiple logos in the header? Each of these logos should lead to a different collection of brand inside the same store. Source

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Tip: Even premium themes are free to demo and go in and play with the visual editor settings


Some themes have a top announcement bar where you can enter html into the text field letting you effectively manually insert code for a logo list.

Though alot just push the raw text through.

There's also doing this to the menus in themes with top navbar but would require heavy CSS customization.


Really though just do this through a theme customization, a feature like this is not something your choice of theme should ever revolve around.

The current conventions in most themes is masthead area with specific parts in it then configurable sections after the masthead.

This means there not even a custom-liquid block/section you can insert.


To create a complete section shopify has example code to start with https://shopify.github.io/liquid-code-examples/example/logo-list  of course it needs to be modified to link to collections.


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