White bar appears when scrolling down on mobile only

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Ever since I started rebranding and changing my website colour to gradient format it has this issue where on mobile format, when I scroll down this white bar appears at the bottom. I am using Dawn theme, I have tried every code I have seen on this community of people who have had the same issue and it still hasn't worked. I keep seeing this white bar appears looking like a glitch, it's not just my phone I've looked at my site on others phones too and the glitch is there too. One of the codes I've tried is: this  code made a white bar appear in the middle of my page but at least when I scrolled the bar wouldn't appear at the bottom anymore. However I also don't want a white random bar in the middle of my site.

/* background-attachment: fixed; */
  background-repeat: no-repeat;


This is a screenshot I took while scrolling down, as this odd white bar appears at the bottom of the screen on mobile only. It especially appears when I scroll fast. Any help would be appreciated!

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