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white space desktop menu

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When on certain pages my dekstop drawer menu shows a slight white space between the left side



Thank You | mike
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Hi @Luxurymrkt 

There is a padding that side. If you like to take it out check this one. 

From your Shopify admin dashboard, click on "Online Store" and then "Themes".

Find the theme that you want to edit and click on "Actions" and then "Edit code".

In the "Assets" folder, click on "base.css, style.css or theme.css" file, depending on which file your theme uses to store its CSS styles. At the bottom of the file, add the following CSS code:


@media only screen and (min-width: 749px){
.drawer__scrollable {
    padding-left: 10px;


And Save. 



I only take out on the deksotp not include the mobile. 

If this fixed your issue Likes and Accept as Solution is highly appreciated. Coffee tips fuels my dedication.
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Dear @Luxurymrkt ,

I have reviewed your requirement, you just need to edit css script and the issue will be resolved.  You can follow my instructions! 

Step 1: Go to Admin -> Online store -> Theme > Edit code:


Step 2: Search for the file  theme.css. And add this code snippet to the end of the file.


.drawer__scrollable {
    padding-left: 5px !important;


In this step, you can change value of padding as you want to reduce white space on my dekstop drawer menu. 

In my example, I choose padding-left: 5px; 

Step 3: Save your code and reload this page.

=>> The result: 




I hope these instructions will help you. If they are helpful, don't forget to like and mark as the solution.

Have a nice day sir! 

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