Why are my image and text features in 'Sense theme' not displaying properly?

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I am using the 'Sense theme'.  I  made some chnages and noticed that my image and text features templates are not showing as the same size or appearing in a weird form. I was hoping someone could please help me fix this problem.


Examples below;


In the copy of my website I changed the page width so the content filled the page more however same problem with the sizes image below;


I am hoping someone can help me witha solution.


my website is printreality.co.uk.


Thank you.


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Hey @Printatme,


The code solution will be ugly. The reason you have different sizes is because the image sizes are different. The height is adapting to the image height.


In the second version I think you somehow fixed the height by changing the width. As you can see, that's a good example of what happens when you try to make equal heights for images that are very obviously not the same height. It breaks and it breaks ugly. 


You should just make images of the same size, that way the code is not limiting your uploads and you have full contol over the size of the block. (Image height = block height).

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