Why are my photos slightly different in color and hue when I upload to shopify?

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I am editing my pictures to make them all similar in brightness and color but when I upload them to shopify, the color is off from the original picture I edited. When you compare from the picture on my desktop to how it looks on shopify, it is completely different in editing. Below the left one is on my desktop and the right one is uploaded to shopify. The skin color is slightly off. How can I fix this? Please help!

Desktop picture:



How it looks on shopify:

Screen Shot 2021-06-19 at 1.16.48 PM.png

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Hello @smomin93 !

When you upload an image to Shopify, the colors in the uploaded image might look different from the original. This can occur when the image has a color profile, which is a set of data stored in a file with a .ICC or .ICM extension. Color profiles are often embedded into images to help standardize the way that the colors appear on different devices. When images are uploaded to Shopify, their color profile is removed.

Color profiles are removed for two reasons:

When an uploaded image doesn't include a color profile, sRGB (the most common color profile used to display images on the web) is assumed by the web browser. This ensures that your images look the same across all major web browsers.
Color profiles can take up large amounts of disk space, which can result in heavy loading times.
Remove the color profile from your image
You can remove the color profile from your image by saving it without the color profile before uploading it to Shopify. This process varies depending on your image editing program. If you use an Adobe product, then follow the steps below:

Remove a color profile using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop
Click Edit, then Assign Profile.

Select Don’t Color Manage This Document.

Click OK.

Hope this helps!

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I have the same problem. 

what I dont understand is this:


i made the changes to the photo because I  wanted the photo to look different. 

if I to to photoshop and save the images without the color profile, it is removed just like shopify does when uploading. 

but I don’t want this. I want the changed version to be uploaded and used in the online store. 

why else would I make these changes to the picture in the first place then?