Why Are Shopify's OWN Themes STILL Using Deprecated .scss Theme Files ???????

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On April 15th, 2022, I just did a FRESH Install of Shopify's OWN "Minimal Theme", on a Fresh New Shopify Account that I just created.


And guess WHAT?


The Minimal Theme is STILL using the "Soon to be Deprecated" .scss Files  (and it throws up the warning about being deprecated when you go into those file in the code editor).


timber.scss.liquid  and  theme.scss.liquid


This should have been fixed / updated 2 YEARS ago.... what the heck is going on?


Why has Shopify STILL not updated the code in their OWN "Minimal" Theme????


Have they even updated ANY of their OWN Themes to no longer use .scss   ???????????


Also, what will eventually happen with my new "Minimal" Theme website?


Has Shopify decided to just NOT Deprecate the old .scss files??


I REALLY don't want to convert my .scss files to normal CSS.


And again, if this is such a big issue, why are Shopify's OWN themes still using the "soon to be deprecated" .scss files like theme.scss.liquid and timber.scss.liquid????????

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Not much info on this huh?