Why did Shopify just update the Options & Variant tabs - it's now more tedious??

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Where the options and variants sit in the backend of Shopify, when editing products, I find this new update so much slower to use... the way they have changed how we rearrange and name variants.

If anything, it would be great if Shopify could add sorting filters to the variants so we can just click a button for those of us who use basic numeric or alphabetical variant types like sizes and then it's done in one click not rearrange tile tabs one by one.

This way takes up alot more screen space too, is clunky and slow. Efficiency is key when adding alot of products and so it bugs me and is really manually tedious to work with this new update. It's ok if you're doing 1 product but when you're doing 50+ at once it's horrible to use.

The other issue I had with the older version and not sure if happening in this new one - was when you'd do an update either on the variants or the options and hit save, it never saves *both* so you had to always re-do either one of them. So you'd have to edit your options first, hit save, then save again, then refresh the page to make it "stick." And then do the variants next. Again that was tedious and time consuming as well.

Please for your UX updates make it more efficient Shopify and please give us some sorting filters so for the basic kinds of variants the sorting it's done in one click.

Also I'd really like a note pad section on product pages so I can leave little notes about some products that customers cannot see but I can on the backend.




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Have to agree, I have no idea what Shopify where thinking with this new set up. It’s so tedious now, you can’t select all variants to change prices. What if you have 100 variants you need to change prices for? Nightmare!! 

if your gonna change something change it to Imprive the system not go backwards. Im so disappointed 

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Hi @Snowleopard18 

If you are a fan of spreadsheets you can bulk edit your Shopify variants by using Mixtable's Google Sheets-like spreadsheet interface. A much faster process than using the admin interface. Sync your variant data to a worksheet, update the variant options (or other data) you want, and one-click sync the data back to Shopify.