Why do items appear in a certain order at check out?

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I cannot seem to understand what determines the order of products on the Check Out page. It is nothing like the Cart. It doesn't seem to be based on Name or Price.  We have a CRM program that grabs the first item from the order, and we need that to be the most expensive item. Anyone ever had cause to deal with this?


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Not sure it can be changed on the normal Shopify plans, but I believe they will be shown in descending order based on the order in which they were added to the customers cart. It would be opposite for the cart.

For example if a customers adds these products in this order, it would appear in the same order at checkout. So first item added at the top, last at the bottom. Like so:
-Product #3 (First Item Added)
-Product #5
-Product #10

-Product #4 (Last Item Added)

Hope that helps!

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Did you find an answer here? I am facing a similar dilemma. Is there a way to reorder checkout items going off highest priced item?