Why do two different collection URLs show the same content?

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Hi Community,


First of all, my name is David. "Store Staff" is so blog posts written by me don't show my name. (This is a known Shopify issue).


These are the two URLs in question:






In the backend, there is only one collection named "sports," but these pages are showing the same top text but different products below (bags and boards). I'm not a Shopify site builder but I do have a lot a of experience with structure and making modifications so the URL structure has me confused. Literally every other Shopify site that I visit use this type of structure:




I'm baffled as to why my client's site doesn't use a structure like that one. 

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Hi @davidculbertson ,


It looks like you are using the same templete on both the pages. And the text is static on the template.

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I figured out the problem. The client's store builder had added tags to the
end of the collection URL to try to split into two groupings - bags and
boards. Unfortunately, this resulted in each of the two URLs having the
same description text. I've rebuilt each of the collections and deleted the
tag from the navigation links.