Why does my cart icon redirect to the cart page instead of staying on the product page?

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Hey so I've been using the Spark theme for a while now and I haven't had any issues with this yet but I do now for some reason. Whenever you click the cart button at the top right of the screen it opens the cart drawer for the app I'm using but then redirects to the cart page. I would like for the cart drawer to open from my app but to stay on the product page. 

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Firstly, you can check the customize setting theme for the cart part. Maybe the theme has support for the feature open cart drawer when clicking on the icon cart.

But if that feature has already been enabled and you have not changed any settings, but now it is not working, so I guess the code handle for it has a problem.

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Hi @Jarch , 

If you are clicking on the cart icon, and being redirected to the cart page this most likely means that you have your theme's cart setting set to 'Page'. This can be changed in the theme editor by going to Theme Settings (the gear icon) > Cart. From there, you can change the cart type to 'Fly-out'.

It should look something like this: 

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 7.05.54 PM.png

This will ensure that instead of customers being directed to the cart page, they will be directed to the fly-out cart drawer when clicking the cart icon or when adding a product to the cart. 

I hope that helps, and if you need anything else please reach out to us in our Help Centre. 

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