Why does my theme editor keep refreshing on its own?

Why does my theme editor keep refreshing on its own?

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I am facing a strange issue in my Shopify's theme editor today. Everything was working fine till now but today when I tried to customize Shopify Theme Editor just kept on refreshing the theme thus not allowing me to make any changes to the website.

I read related articles to this issue and it seemed that in their case any currency apps or geo apps were causing this issue but in my case I am not using any such apps.

I have the multiple currencies feature enabled in Theme settings. Except that I am not using any other currency app.

Can anyone advise on what could be the issue?


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I really wish this had a solution 6/24/2024 and the issue does still persist. I've disabled all apps I can find on my store and anytime I begin editing custom CSS it constantly refreshes... my workaround is to add CSS in Visual Studio, then copy and past it into the custom CSS section and race to hit the save button before it refreshes. 


Often times than not I need to do it twice to actually save...