Why Would I Add Code to Bottom of TIMBER.SCSS File Rather than THEME.SCSS File ? Minimal Theme

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I am using the Shopify Minimal Theme.


I am curious about something:


What is the Difference Between the "theme.scss.liquid" file, and the "timber.scss.liquid" file?


Almost all of the code that I have edited and added to the bottom, has been in the "theme.scss.liquid" file.


But there is ONE piece of code that I placed at the bottom of the "timber.scss.liquid" file.


Here is the code that I put in the bottom of timber.scss.liquid:



font-size: 18px !important;



I only put it in the timber.scss file because that is where it said to put it, in the post that I read here.


Would it work if I put that SAME EXACT CODE in my "theme.scss.liquid" file instead (then removed it from timber.scss after)  ?????


I would rather not even deal with the timber.scss file, especially for just ONE piece of code (especially when I have so much other SIMILAR code in my theme.scss file).

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yes both are same just some functionality are different css for example side cart and other so its different but you can do any one 

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