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I have the Wookie Theme for Shopify. I’ll attach the link on the bottom. When I bought I thought it would give me more features but now it seems that I am unable to add those features or unable to figure out how to do so (Demos Etc).

Anyone an expert with this theme that can help me determine If ive set it up correctly?

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Hello, I have an issue with wookie theme, and I can't contact your support, to submit the ticket you need some login information that I don't have and on mail, you don't respond. 

The issue that we have is on the collection page we don't see sizes properly, only some red squares with white background, and when we go to online store, there it shows everything correct.

Can you help to fix this problem?

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I got a little lost, but you should contact Wokiee Theme. Register on Evento Theme Forest…

Hope you get it!


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We can provide support only via our support system -
Customer should know his purchase code -
What is his purchase code?

Best regards
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Hi there! 


Did you figure out how to edit the badge? I want to add the badge bestseller, but cant figure it ourt. 😞 

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The best solution for custom fixes or errors is to contact support, sometimes they just send you a code for you to change and that's all.

Best of lucks,


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They make you submit purchase code to get support, but envato erased my purchase history, I'm so screwed, super sad that the wookie variants are not changing the image on a mobile browser..

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Hello, i work with the wookie theme but now i miss a function. i have to show the base price or price by unit from some products on the collection page and the product page.  But i dont know how. 

can everybody help me? i have sent a ticket to PThemes support but no answer.

thank you.

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I think that can be done on the Theme Customization feature. Just look for it, take your time and try everything.

Best regards and good luck!

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@softali - Is it necessary to use a third-party page builder like Gem Pages if I want to customize the page design? Our current theme (Plak) provides very little customization so we're using Gem Pages in conjunction since I'm not an expert in CSS or HTML.  I'm wondering if Wokiee has a better interface for page customization or a third-party builder is necessary to facilitate that.

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We didn't test our theme with this app. So, we can't say exactly whether it
is compatible with our theme or not. Frankly speaking we have a lot
of settings in the admin. So, i'm not sure that it is necessary to use some
3rd party builders. I think they can slow basic performance.
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Yes I do think you faked them; your theme is absolutely terrible and I've been a shopify developer for over 5 years. I can not fathom a less responsive theme; or one that is more cluttered with useless garbage. 

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Totally agree. I used this theme for about a year. Utter garbage. I left a bad but honest review on themeforest and it was removed. So I left another, and guess what, that was removed too.

I had another bad review screenshotted from someone else before that was removed.

Themeforest is just as guilty here. They even offered me credit in my account after they removed my review. They said it was because they had seen I had been a customer for many years and didn't want me paying for something I didn't use.

I didn't take it. Bad business practice removing all bad reviews.

I've never bought anything from themeforest since. 

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I'm really sorry that you have such experience. I want to add few comments from the author's team:


1) Authors can't remove/delete bad reviews. There is no such functionality on ThemeForest.

2) Your review may be deleted if it violates Envato Policy - https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/207651633-Rating-or-Review-Removal-Policy-


We will remove ratings and reviews that:

  • are not directly related to the item or support services provided for that item by the author.
    "Item" here refers to all aspects of the item including, but not limited to, its perceived value, listing, documentation, etc.
    ”Support services provided” includes any support given, even if the item was sold as "unsupported", the services were provided outside a valid support period, or the services were above and beyond those set out in the Item Support Policy.
  • are about item support for items that are not supported.
  • are abusive, obscene, defamatory, threatening or discriminatory.
  • are hateful or offensive based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation.
  • violate another person or entity’s privacy rights (such as publishing their name, address or other identifying information without their permission).
  • aim to force a user to do something they aren’t obligated to do, such as force an author to provide support where an item was sold as unsupported or where the customer’s support has expired.
  • are posted or updated more than 12 months from the date of purchase, unless the customer has an active item support entitlement (effective from 18/07/2019).
  • are used as a means to make a support request. Support requests must be made via the method specified by the author.

Usually customer's are manipulating bad bad reviews to receive refund, get support that is out of the measures regular support package (requiring personal customization etc.). 

In any case our 444 good reviews can't be fake.


Wish everybody good luck!