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I recently switched to the new Dawn 2.0 theme and been having trouble installing the yotpo review widget. 

Last week I finally managed to get the review star rating showing correctly on the product page, but when I want to install it on the collection pages it keeps showing the total number of reviews (see screenshot), rather than the specific number for that product. 

I contacted Yotpo who can’t seem to really help me. They have a troubleshooting solution on their website, but even that doesn’t solve the problem.

This was their last reply;

I would suggest reaching out to your theme developers and ask them as to why the products on the collection page doesn't provide a product ID which cause the star rating not to show accurately under collections page.”

Can anyone help me out and show me how I can get the collection page to share the product ID so the star rating can show correctly?

Thanks in advance!



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May I ask you how you managed to display the star rating on collection pages? I don't seem to manage this problem. 

Also, on my product pages, it only shows the star ratings but not the extended version of the rating with the text at the bottom of the page. It used to show on Debut theme, but not on Dawn theme. 

Thanks for your help!


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HI @RekaH ,


I went through the 'manual installation' steps on the following page: https://support.yotpo.com/en/article/shopify-installing-yotpo

I hope this helps? 

I still haven't been able to show them correctly on the collection pages though.