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Dear Sir/Madam,


We are writing to require into the possibilities of a one-week internship at your company. 


Our names are Bastiaan Pasman and James Beekink and we are 17-years-old students from the Netherlands. Currently we are in the pre-final year of pre-university secondary education in the bilingual stream of RSG Broklede, which means we are taught in English and Dutch. One requirement of the course is that we do a one-week internship in an international context before the end of August this year.  


We are interested in your company because after doing my final exams next year we hope to start studying Economics and Business Economics. After university we would really like to start building our own online business (E commerce). Therefore, your company would be an excellent opportunity for me to get to know the branch. 


We are highly motivated to do whatever We can to contribute to your company and learn more about the working methods. We are fluent in Dutch and English, and we have well-developed social skills that will help us to adapt into the culture easily. The internship is meant as job-shadowing or work experience, but we are willing to take on any tasks you might have for us. 


Please find more information about the school and internship in the attached letter from Ms. Spijker, our coordinator of bilingual education, and my CV in the attachment as well.


Kind regards,

Bastiaan Pasman and James Beekink


+31 6 15939023 (Bastiaan Pasman)

+31 6 14515579 (James Beekink)