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Shop not displaying in local language, language based redirects

Shop not displaying in local language, language based redirects

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I have a store on a single domain, with 3 markets (Netherlands, Belgium and Germany). For each of these markets, Dutch is configured as primary/default language. For the Germany marked I selected the German language als primary language. Also I raised the prices automatically for the Germany market.


The language selector dropdown displays both language, and correctly redirects to <store URL>/en when selecting German language. The prices stays the same Netherlands prices and not the updated Germany prices as I installed.


The automatic redirection based on browser language does not seem to work. The language redirect option under Market preferences is enabled, and I've confirmed my browser is configured and detected as using German (DE). Still, when browsing to the store, I remain on the main URL with language set to Dutch. I also tried with VPN connection and change the browser to the Deutsch language. Also in a private browser nothing works. I also asked people in Germany who also saw the Netherlands language. When I search directly the then it works and go directly to the translated site but the prices won't change to the raise I installed.


Hope someone can help me out!