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Urgent: Website is not working anymore

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I hope someone can help me out, even though I have very little information to share and have no idea from where the problem is coming:

Since +/- 10 minutes my webshop is down and I have no idea why. I have changed nothing and all of a sudden my webshop stopped working. As we have had customers on our page, it is very urgent that we solve this quickly.


I have had hosting and my Domain on TransIP (have been working with WooCommerce before) and as I have read on Google/Shopify I assumed that I could cancel my hosting. The hosting of TransIP is supposed to end tomorrow 14.11.23 and now all of a sudden my website is down. I am not sure if it has anything to do with it as Shopify is supposed to have their own hosting. Is it possibly a coincidence or not?


Could someone tell me what I can look for to find the problem or have any ideas what could cause this problem? I will be very thankful.


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