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utilities bill verification

utilities bill verification

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Dear shopify , im trying to verify my account by sending proof of adress the only option is a utilities bill which i don't have since i live at my parents house and i don't pay any bills i tried sending the proof of my bank statement , driver license and social security nothing would be accepted what do i do? 


Thank you for your response.


Shopify Staff
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Hi Larking, 


thanks very much for your question. This is Peter, from Shopify Support. I just wanted to let you know here that I provided an answer to your question in this thread, where you also posed this question. I do also address the situation of people still living with their parents. If you have tried multiple types of documentation, I would strongly advise to create a ticket for Shopify Support, explaining what you have already tried, and mentioning I suggested here an escalation to our Merchant Verification team might be necessary. This should ensure whoever receives your ticket will be able to escalate it straight away (provided you created the ticket while being logged in, so we have the authentication needed to access your information). 


I hope this gets sorted out quickly for you! 

With warm wishes, 

Peter | Shopify 
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