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Variaties uitzetten in Facebook/instagram shopping

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kan iemand mij vertellen hoe ik de varianten van mijn producten uitzet in Facebook/instagram shopping? Nu moet ik door tig varianten (kinderkleding maat) scrollen voor ik de juiste product heb om te taggen in mijn post op instagram. Ik heb de producten gesynchroniseerd met Facebook catalogus. Ik heb mijn vraag meerdere keren op Facebook zelf gesteld maar niemand die daar antwoord op heeft. Hopelijk kan iemand mij hier wel helpen? Alvast bedankt! 


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Remove variants using a data feed

Go to: and click on your Commerce Catalogue > If you no longer want any or all of your products to be grouped as variants, you can remove them as such from your data feed:

  1. Open your data feed file.
  2. Here you have several options:
    • If you want to remove all product variants from their respective groups, you can simply delete the entire item_group_id column from your data feed. The products remain in your catalogue, but are listed as individual products instead of product variants.
    • If you want to remove individual product variants from a group, find the relevant variant in your file. Then delete their group ID from the item_group_id field so that the item no longer belongs to the group.
    • If you want to completely delete a variant from your catalog, follow the instructions for deleting an item using a data feed instead .
  3. Then upload the file again to update your catalogue.

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Thank you for answering my question. I don’t have the item_group_id column. That’s the problem. I found this solution at Facebook help too. I synchronised my products with Facebook and I didn’t get the option for not adding the variants.