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$0.00 variants breaking Google / Facebook feeds

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Hi! I'm having a catalog-wide issue with my Google Shopping + Facebook channels and am hoping someone here can help.

The client is an eyewear vendor, and every product in the catalog has one or more "Try before you buy" variants with a price of $0.00. (This lets customers put through a $0.00 try-at-home order that gets mailed out to them with return postage.)

The problem is that both the Google & Facebook Sales Channel integrations see those $0.00 variants and error out, saying "Price isn't valid (price must be higher than $0.00)." and rejecting the entire product for syndication. I've tried reordering the variants so they're at the bottom rather than the top - no luck.

Is there a way to hide the offending variants & so that the ones with non-zero pricing make it through to Google Shopping & Facebook? I realize these are two separate channels with separate APIs, but they're sufficiently related that I'm treating this as a single issue.

PS, I've tried the "Flexify: Facebook Product Feed" app but it potentially only solves half of my problem & adds a layer of complexity I'd rather avoid.

Thanks for any insights, anyone!!

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Hi @handwovenpdx ,


Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the exact same issue.


Thanks in advance!

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I'm afraid I didn't! Full disclosure: it's been a long three years & I may have actually figured this out & just lost / forgotten the solution.