0 Online store sessions but 2 orders

0 Online store sessions but 2 orders

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I got two orders today but it shows me 0 Online store sessions.  Please tell me how to fix this!!!

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Hi @Blueandgold ,

Please check the timeline order. If you don't know how to check it, then take a screenshot for me. It's like that



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Hi @Blueandgold 

This is Amelia at PageFly - Shopify Advanced Page Builder app.


There can be a few reasons why you see 0 online store sessions in Shopify even with orders. Here's how to troubleshoot:

  • Tracking Discrepancies: Shopify's "Online store sessions" might not capture all visitors compared to other analytics tools like Google Analytics. This can happen due to factors like ad-blocking software or visitors leaving before a session is recorded.

Possible Causes and Solutions:

  1. Short Visits: Visitors who leave immediately might not register a session (0 seconds).

    • Solution: Check "Average Session Duration" metrics. If most are 0 seconds, visitors might be bouncing off quickly. Focus on improving website loading speed and user experience to keep them engaged.
  2. Tracking Code Issues:

    • Solution: Ensure your Shopify tracking code is installed correctly on all pages.
  3. Time Delay: Data might take a while to update.

    • Solution: Wait a few hours to see if sessions populate.
  4. Ad-blocking Software:

    • Solution: This can't be directly fixed, but consider alternative traffic sources like social media marketing.

Additional Tips:

  • Compare Analytics: Look at data from other sources like Google Analytics to see if traffic numbers differ significantly.
  • Contact Shopify Support: If the issue persists, reach out to Shopify support for further investigation.

Hoping my solution helps you solve your problem.

Best regards,

Amelia | PageFly



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