1 year subscription for one person

1 year subscription for one person

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I would like to ask you, if it is possible to sell videos online to members only here on shopify.


I want when someone would buy 1 year sub, he would get his own account where he would have access to video manuals, photos, etc


Is it possible to make, or not?


Best regards 🙂

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Hey @Filip85 

Yes, it is possible to sell videos online to members only on Shopify by implementing a membership or subscription-based model. Here's how you can set it up:


  1. Choose a membership app: Look for a membership app in the Shopify App Store that suits your requirements. Some popular membership apps include Memberships by AAAeCommerce and Memberships & Subscriptions by SpurIT. These apps provide features to create membership plans, restrict content access, and manage member accounts.

  2. Set up membership levels or subscription plans: Define different membership levels or subscription plans based on the access and duration you want to offer. For example, you can create a "1-year subscription" plan that grants access to your video manuals and other content.

  3. Restrict access to content: Configure the membership app to restrict access to your videos and other premium content. This can typically be done by setting up rules based on the membership levels or subscription plans. Only members with active subscriptions or specific membership levels will be able to access the content.

  4. Member registration and account creation: When someone purchases a subscription or membership, they should be automatically registered as a member and provided with their own account. The membership app should handle the account creation process and send login details to the member's email.

  5. Content upload and management: Upload your video manuals and other content to Shopify as digital products. Configure the membership app to associate these products with the appropriate membership levels or subscription plans. This ensures that only eligible members can access the content they have subscribed to.

  6. Customization and branding: Customize the look and feel of your member area to align with your brand. Many membership apps provide customization options to personalize the member login page, account dashboard, and other elements.

  7. Communication and support: Set up email notifications to communicate with your members, such as sending login details, subscription renewal reminders, or updates on new content. Provide customer support channels for any member inquiries or issues they may encounter.

By following these steps and using a suitable membership app, you can create a members-only area on your Shopify store where customers can purchase subscriptions or memberships to access your video manuals and other premium content.


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