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100 Varient Limit Issue

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Wondering if someone can provide any suggestions or workouts to the limit on variants within a product? We sell running shoes and currently there is a limit of 100 variants/product. The issue we are running into is that when we sync over the items from our Heartland POS system to our Shopify store it errors out because there are too many variants (sizes, colors and widths). We have had to break up into several different "grids" or products, however the issue with this is it's not as shapable for the customer since they can't view all colors, sizes and widths within the same product page. Ideally we would have all colors/sizes/widths of this shoe under one product page. 

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I have seen stores break up the products based on colour so if you have 3 colours you would have 3 separate products and all the variations of them under each one.


In the theme all colours are linked within a product page by displaying all the colour options in header so they appear like a regular option selection but in fact load a unique page for each colour. Hope that makes sense.








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Hi, thank you for the response. Can you show an example of how this would be set up? Are you referring to creating a new product template? Would you then link the specific products to that template? How would this auto populate all of the colors available for let's say 4 different shoes. Thanks