100s of Fake Customer Accounts Added Daily through Checkoout

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We are experiencing some kind of bot attack on our website. Almost 300 new fake customer accounts are added to our site each day, through the checkout from the looks of it. There are abandoned cart records showing a record of declined credit cards.

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Though we pay $105 per month for our plan, we are not able to even add reCaptcha to our checkout process. We have a couple of apps running to identify bots and block them, but we are still getting this many daily. 

Is this happening to anyone else?
What are we able to do?

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what is your store address?

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I'm having the same problem but they are not coming through checkout. They simply show up in my customer list.

I installed Negate but it didn't have any effect.

I installed recaptcha on my newsletter signup (I think) but it had no effect. I can't see where else to install it since I don't have any customer registration requiring a login.

I have shut down every access to my website and store except purchases and they still show up.

It definitely looks like a virus. Shopify should be taking this seriously but they don't. I am considering moving my store next week if I can't get a response from Shopify.

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In our case, we found the gateway to fake Shopify customer account generation was through our Customer Login portal. There is an option to "Create account" as indicated by the arrow:


Since our customer accounts are only created when a customer places an order, we removed this link by simply deleting a line of code in the customers/login.liquid template:


First, we created a duplicate copy of our Online store theme. Then we removed the line of code circled below and saved the file:


Resulting in removal of the "Create account" link and no more fake customer accounts.





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Thanks for this tip.  I was having the same issue and could no longer send newsletters.  Now I have to get all the fake accounts deleted.  Any more brilliant tips?!?  There are 1000s so too many to do manually.