2.0 How To Remove Default Shopify Policy Pages?

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Hey everyone, I need help getting a 404 error on empty pages like these:

I've submitted tickets to support, but the responses haven't been helpful.

Out of five requests, none of my issues were resolved. It's crucial for me to remove these pages to prevent SEO penalties.

Instead of offering a solution, the support team suggested an app that functions differently from what I need.

For context, I tried resolving this issue using guidance from a Shopify community discussion (https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-discussions/how-to-remove-default-shopify-policy-pages/td-p/...). Initially, it seemed like the problem was solved, but actually, it wasn't because search engines still receive a 200 status code instead of HTTP 404, causing the page to remain indexed.

I know I could specify /policies/ in the robots.txt file or Google's Search Console, but that's not my preferred solution. Moreover, adding it to the robots.txt file places it at the end of the list, and I need it at the top of the first section. However, Shopify automatically places it ONLY AT THE END OF THE LIST, which doesn't help my situation.

Here's an example of what the response should look like for such a request: https://floral5.com/policies/contact-information/



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