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2 Image slider and shop logo on it with animation

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I'm working on enhancing the visual appeal of my Shopify store in Dawn theme and want to create a dynamic 2-image collage slider with eye-catching animations. Has anyone successfully implemented a similar feature or could offer guidance on how to achieve this in Shopify? Any recommended apps, code snippets, or step-by-step instructions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance for your valuable insights

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An app for that would be overboard. It sounds like what you'd end up liking the most is a custom solution but you would either need the experience to build that or get someone to do it. Your best option is probably to use a carousel library and perhaps an animation library. Swiper and Slick are 2 popular carousel libraries. I've seen a lot of animation libraries, Animate.css and GSAP are popular ones but there are many.

If you want it flashy I might suggest a super short video in one slide of the slider. All of this will still require moderate ability and always be mindful of going overboard with meaningless flash that doesn't convert and only slows down your site.

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Jay K.