2 stores on one site?

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Hi, hoping someone can help me figure this out...


I currently have a Shopify store, tamuchly.com which has 2 separate types of products. I don't want to separate these into 2 different businesses. I'm hoping to keep the main site as more of an umbrella store, with a spin off called Ta Muchly Paper Blooms which could be a separate site, but needs to use the same cart.


So I'm hoping to find a way to keep the main website as tamuchly.com, and then have a separate 'area' which has the second product. (It'll be products for sale, a blog, and courses using the Thinkific app).


The problem is that I need to keep the cart for both on my current store (because otherwise I would have to pay for my accounting software and payment merchant twice, and in terms of business licensing it gets complicated.) 


Is there a way to run both stores through the same shopify account? I thought about having a separate domain for the Paper Blooms which then links back to the relevant product collection, but then all of the menu info would still be the original one.


Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Michelle

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Hi, @tamuchly!


Rose here from Shopify. Thanks for reaching out!


The best way to go about this would be to create a second store and have all your products incorporated on that store through a Buy Button. This will ensure that the cart and checkout process is happening on your primary store exclusively. There is no way to have two stores under the same Shopify account. Therefore, you will need to use your primary account for transactions and product inventory then incorporate Buy Buttons on a completely separate store.


In short, a Buy Button generates an HTML code that you can input into the code of another store, platform or blog of your choice. When a customer wants to purchase the product via the Buy Button link, they will be redirected back to the checkout page for the Shopify account it originated from. This allows you to keep all inventory and order tracking information under a single umbrella.


With that being said, you will add all your products onto your primary Shopify account. You have the ability to select which sales channel they will appear on. The products you want to show on your primary store will have ''Online Store'' checked off. The products you have created for the secondary store via Buy Button should only have the ''Buy Button'' sales channel checked off. This ensures that your products that are meant for the secondary store will not overlap onto your primary store.




When a customer will be browsing on your secondary store and add the product to the cart for checkout, they will be completing their order under the checkout window for tamuchly.com, your primary store. This way, you can keep all your orders and inventory stored under the same Shopify account.


You can also have a separate domain for this secondary store to redirect your customers with ease. You can buy another custom domain through Shopify if you want to take that route. 


A few things to be mindful of with this approach is that while using the Buy Button, your customers will not be able to purchase products from both store at the same time. Both sets of products will be independent from each other and the checkout processes will be separated. Also, the checkout page will be branded with the settings from your primary store and the URL structure will show the domain linked to your primary store. Points to consider before moving forward.


If you have any other questions, please let me know!




Holly | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I think it's the other way around, right?

"The products you want to show on your primary store will have ''Online Store'' checked off. The products you have created for the secondary store via Buy Button should only have the ''Buy Button'' sales channel checked off."