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Hi All,

I'm setting up a webstore!

Some products are in collaboration with others.
I would like to know how myself and the other party can recieve an email notification when a product is purchased.

At the moment I'm the only one getting notified.

Is this possible?


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There are a couple ways you can do this:

Email Filtering

1) Have orders sent to a generic order email address (ex: orders@yourstore.com)

2) Create email filters so that those order emails get filtered and forwarded to the recipients, based on the order contents. Example: if email has the words "Widget 1" then forward that email to the supplier that makes Widget 1.

Assuming you have an email app like Gmail, you can set this up for free. The downside is that you will have to forward the entire email to the supplier (including the other information like the full order contents). If that's not a problem, this solution should work.

Automation App

If you want more control you can use Order Automator to handle this for you:

1) You can set identifiers for the order, things like product vendor, skus, shipping address, etc, to create rules that will identify certain orders.

2) With those rules you can create a notification to send when the rule is triggered.

3) You can make it so that the 3rd party only receives the products they are set to fulfill. Best way to do this is to create a rule so that if an order contains products from Vendor A, then send them a notification email with the products in the order that are from Vendor A.

The app has other features + is customizable, if you go this route and need any help give me a shout, I'm the lead developer of it.


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