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We're working on a project for a furniture brand.

This brand holds items that have 3 barcodes:

1 barcode for the complete product ("ecommerce barcode") and for the parts (to be picked in the warehouse).


Example. Barcode for a table is A: to be picked are legs, barcode B and top, barcode C.

The legs can be used for 50+ products, the seats for 15+ products.

The stock for Barcode a comes from B and C, so in this case we want it to show 15 products.

I can bundle two products with apps, but can't find a solution where the 2 barcodes "become" one.


Thanks for your help.

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The bundle product would be a virtual SKU which then holds the 2 components.

We do this type of setup with our bundle app. There are 2 options with it:

  1. We unbundle the order post purchase so it shows the component order lines to be used for fulfilment purposes.
  2. We recalculate the inventory available of the bundle item based on the component stock. So if different bundles contain same components they all get updated when one sells.

Let me know if you need a hand to get set up and run some tests.