3D product customizer, make a bundle of existing products

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Hey guys,

I am setting up a new webstore on Shopify for a client of mine.


He sells rollerskates, and sells parts for it too. He has an inventory of wheels, nuts, leather covers etc.

This already is kept track of in an online database. Now he wants to offer the customers to make their own rollerskate.


So the customer should be able to select the wheels, colors, leather covers and nuts etc in a 3d live preview customizer setup, but when he orders it, the order should consist of the EXISTING products above AND take 1 off their inventory.


Further example:

Before purchase:

100 blue wheels 

100 red wheels

98 green leather covers

49 round black nuts

10 Stickers.


Now if a customer orders a rollerskate with blue wheels, green leather cover and round black nuts inventory should now look like this:


99 blue wheels 

100 red wheels

97 green leather covers

43 round black nuts

10 Stickers.


It should be possible to order these products individually too from the store. 

Is this possible in Shopify? What app enables this?





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Hello @DGSolutions ,

I understand that your client is looking to provide product customizer option in your store.

In the Shopify app store there is a app available for providing product customization option with live preview.

- https://apps.shopify.com/product-personalizer

However, there is not any app available that will provides all your required features. (Product customization option + 3D live preview, automatically inventory update feature)

In this scenario, if you want to fulfil all these requirements, you can go with the "Custom Shopify App".

The Custom Shopify app will specifically develop for your store having product customization option with 3D live preview and automatically inventory update feature when order successfully placed.

Please let me know if you need any assistance in developing Custom Shopify app. I have rich expertise in this and previously developed many similar Product customizer.

Thank you.

Shopify Partner
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Hi there!

You can achieve your client's goal of offering custom rollerskate builds with real-time inventory tracking in Shopify using Kickflip. We're currently launching a new inventory management feature in beta, which might be a great fit for your client use case. Simply contact our customer support team over live chat and we will activate it for you.