3rd Party Domain Name Authentication

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SOLVED - my host was annoyingly adding my domain name to the end of the DNS entries. They were able to remove that, and once DNS the old TTL expired, It authentcated!



I'm stuck - and having issues trying to get shopify admin to allow my email to use my non-shopify domain name. I understand (high level) how DNS works - but when I do a DIG on my domain name - I don't see these CNAME records come back.


These are the CNAME records I have created - do I need to remove the domain that's being added at the end?




There's also mention of adding A records and such elsewhere - I'm trying to resolve this error





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This has been very frustrating and time consuming for Shopify merchants. We've been doing a lot of these the past several days. This isn't even a requirement Shopify had. This is a requirement Google and Yahoo sprung on the Internet. 


When did you create the CNAME records? They can take up to 72 hours to go live. They usually take a lot less.

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It's been 48 hours now - it was marked as pending - but now is marked as failed. I have resolved the DMARC issue for email/spam, that worked with the TXT record I added to my DNS - I'm just stuck on this now.