403 forbidden errror while calling recurring_application_charges admin api from our application

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Hi, When we are calling recurring_application_charges.json admin api for a production store from our application we are getting the 403 forbidden error. 

But if we call the same admin api for our staging store, we got the 200 response code along with charge_id. The staging store is created under our partner account.

We have tested this using postman also.

Do we need to ask any permission from our client to make this work.

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Hi @skanyar , what type of app have you created in your staging and production stores?

I'm seeing the same responses as you for both staging and production stores with a Custom app. I created a Custom app and installed it to a staging/development store from within Partners Shopify and everything worked. I started seeing issues after I installed the Custom app to my production store with Custom Distribution link. It turns out that Custom apps can't use the Billing API in production, you'll need a Public app for that.




Happy to chat further if it's a Public app you're using in production!