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Hello everyone, 


Just wanted to ask if anyone had experience with this? no-image-100-c91dd4bdb56513f2cbf4fc15436ca35e9d4ecd014546c8d421b1aece861dfecf_small.gif


I already tried to add a file named like that in the /assets but still, it is showing 404 error on my end. I tried 301 but no success, I've switched themes but the 404 error still the same.

The entire URL looks like this https://www.DOMAIN.COM/cdn/shopifycloud/shopify/assets/no-image-100-c91dd4bdb56513f2cbf4fc15436ca35e...


Appreciate all the help!

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This is not an issue. This happens when you try to access image thats not present on the site. 


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oui mais semrush la détecta comme une image rompu. influence elle le référencement ? peut on la supprimer ?

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j'ai trouver une solution pour ma part, le code générant cette image générique de shopify ce trouvait dans mon fichier code footer_content.liquid, j'ai donc supprimer le code qui la générais (voir image)Capture.JPG