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I am new to shopify, I have made a second account due to receiving the 500 message for both accounts. The first had a YA showing on my first account login that Spotify claims is a placeholder. YA is not my initials nor my store name initial, so I'm confused too why that is. My first account I made on my iphone, all of my work was wiped out even though I saved all pictures and descriptions which was very frustrating to say the least, then I closed that account and noticed I had three other accounts listed, meaning three other stores that I did NOT create. I checked my account and it stated that it was being monitored and that they were working to fix problems. Sounds like a bunch of bs, how is it that I am in the middle of creating an account for my first store and its being monitored and taken over by someone I do not know. I created a second account on my laptop and the same. I feel targeted. It's not unheard off, this is a horrible attempt to stop one from making an income. This site needs to be reported because this in beyond unacceptable. I will not give any more time to this site. I've had a horrible first experience and I will not recommend this site to anyone. Also let me add, shopify should have live customer service reps, especially since you all deal with bank accounts and store owners' customers who may have issues and need support. Your support team never answered my questions just kept sending links with no prevail. AI?  live people please. I've have taken pictures showing how both of my accounts we abruptly shut down in the beginning of building. My page does not need to be monitored, why not fix the websites server. I will not be waiting but let's help current and future store owners, so they won't have to go through the same.   

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