834 store sessions no sales

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Hi, this is my 2nd post, maybe my final lol.

Ive had my store for a month now. Ive got 834 store sessions & no sales.

Heres what I've done.

  • revamped entire site.
  • easy to navigate.
  • logo
  • domain
  • CTA.
  • Left cart email.
  • Cross sell.
  • Perks for customers.
  • Favicon.
  • Added before price.
  • FB/Insta & google ads.
  • secure checkout.
  • terms of service/shipping/refund in the footer/

I couldnt add customer testimonies to homepage.


I know a month is a very short amount of time but I'm thinking maybe its time to cut my losses, to stop sending money on Ads when I've got no sales & try a different niche that may be successful?

What would you guys personally do or advise.


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@thehoundhabitat  sir can you please share your website link . so we take a look & suggest you something

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Hey @thehoundhabitat , please add your website URL so that I can have a look

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hi, sorry my url is https://thehoundhabitat.com/