A new way to create Shopify Themes!

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Hey guys!

I'm Tullio (Udesly.com CEO and Founder). I would like to share our new APP to create real Shopify Themes completely in Webflow, without writing a single line of code!

Discover how it works here.

This is a sample and totally free template, created in Webflow and converted with the Udesly APP in a Shopify Theme.

You can try it with our 7-day Free Trial.

Here you can find our official doc and a short video overview.

We would love to receive your feedback! 

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Hey Tullio!
I try to use you great Udesly Adapter.
But I seem to get errors with the attributes I placed in Webflow, and can't find any clear explantion to what to do.
Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance

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Hi there!

Thanks for reaching out.

Do you have problem during the conversion process on Webflow?

We need more info about your issues to help you (Webflow Read only URL is the better way).

For technical support we suggest to use our help center or subscribe to our Facebook or Slack community.

Many thanks!

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The documentations is very difficult to follow. It's FULL of spelling errors and doesn't have full, clear instructions.


This seems like it could be a straightforward process, but I've lost hours upon hours just trying to interperet your horrible documentation. You need to hire someone literate in English.

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Hey –  just wondering if there's a list of example sites that have been built with Udesly/ Shopify that you can list?  I'm trying to evaluate further  –  looks like a great tool!

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Is there a way where i can create Shopify themes from webflow via Udesly and sell it on the marketplace?


The main issue is the converted theme doesnt provide sectionwise editing capability like the standard shopify theme does


Let me know 

Thanks in Advance!