Abandoned Cart Emails No Longer Being Sent

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Hi all,


I've noticed that very recently (maybe around the time that Shopify changed how automated abandoned cart emails are handled), my customers are not being sent any emails when they have an abandoned cart.


I looked at the workflow, and everything seems alright. Except at the very last step ("send marketing email"), it always fails and I see this error:


Flow action received with invalid properties. Customer does not accept marketing for customer id=6439549632758: {"status":400,"response_body":"{\"message\":\"Flow action received with invalid properties. Customer does not accept marketing for customer id=6439549632758\"}","verb":"POST","url":"https://email.shopifyapps.com/flow/action","request_body":"{\"shop_id\":60762751222,\"shopify_domain\":\"alpha-and-omega-books.myshopify.com\",\"properties\":{\"abandonment_id\":\"gid:\\/\\/shopify\\/Abandonment\\/816665133302\",\"customer_id\":\"gid:\\/\\/shopify\\/Customer\\/6439549632758\",\"marketing_activity_id\":\"gid:\\/\\/shopify\\/MarketingActivity\\/148346437878\"},\"action_run_id\":\"7cbe8d24d780e51d13a1047982b59c5244501741\",\"action_definition_id\":\"Send Marketing Email\",\"step_reference\":\"9ab8d6127c20b9897294ba7cfd40b0acc88b34a2f07319228d22616fcfadd4f9\"}"}


Any ideas on what the issue is, or how to fix it?




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Having the exact same issue since the last couple of days. And Abandoned Checkout no longer shows the pending/sent status. Very frustrating. 

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We are also experiencing the same issue

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We're having this issue, too. The option to turn shopify abandoned cart emails on or off used to be located in the Settings>Checkout panel, but we can't find that option anymore. We use Privy Email marketing for cart abandonment and I we are not seeing the emails being sent our by Privy like we used to previously. @Shopify Can you assist?