Abandoned Cart Hack?

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Periodically, we see a repeated abandoned cart showing up over several weeks. Each time for the same item, same amount but not always the same name - and always with a fake ship to/billing addresses (generated by a random address generator service). This type of repeated abandoned cart never results in a purchase or the abandoner creating an account.  It's not like usual abandoned carts.  This is the exact same item abandoned 6-10 times over several weeks and never a legitimate address. Anyone else experience this or shed any light on what might be going on? 

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  1. Automated Bots or Scripts: It's possible that automated bots or scripts are being used to repeatedly add the item to the cart without any intention of making a purchase. This could be done for various reasons, such as attempting to manipulate pricing algorithms, testing vulnerabilities in the website, or even engaging in fraudulent activities. Maybe you are using gpl licensed theme or outdated. or there can be many reasons.....

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Have you found a way to resolve this? I currently have the same order entered like 50 times in 3 days

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I’m having the same problem. 25 abandoned carts created 2 x a day by this email: sfj9usfhuios@gmail.com

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I’m having about 5-10 add to carts everyday which I know are not legitimate to my chagrin. I can’t figure out what to do about it either. It’s very frustrating! 

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I am also getting many abandoned checkouts from sfj9usfhuios@gmail.com. I've installed a fraud protection app and add this email to the blocked use list but it isn't preventing the abandoned checkouts.

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Blocking the email just blocks them from maybe signing in or creating an account, but this bot is going straight to checkout, where blocking apps cannot function.