Abandoned Cart (Not Checkout) SMS & Email app required

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Hi brains trust.. .need your advice and help to find the right app


Firstly, a little bit about our business (which is crucial to obtain the right support). We are a wholesale only business. every visitor must login prior to seeing collections and adding to cart. this means we know every visitor adding to cart. There are no customers accessing our site without logging in prior. And account registrations are screened and approved with tags using a wholesale app.


So now this is out of the way, what we want to do:

We want to know when any of our existing customers abandoned their cart - before checkout... At this point they can add to cart but then dont proceed to checkout. we need to then be able to identify them and communicate with them by SMS and/or email. We are in Australia so double opt-in and push notifications are NOT required and we do not want it. This would only work for marketing subscribed customers and not the unsubscribed or never subscribed ones.

Ideally, when the cart is abandoned prior to checkout, we would like to know whom started a cart, so then we will be able to SMS or email them to finalise their purchase. we cant use coupon codes as most customers being wholesale already have a wholesale price which means we cant do double discounts using a coupon code in addition.

So, is there an app that can:

1. identify existing customers by name, business name, email address and/or phone number?

2. link an active cart to an existing customer prior to a checkout being started

3. enable us to communicate marketing to subscribed customers via email and/or SMS 


Currently we use Rivo Abandoned Carts but this requires a browser opt-in so 90% of the time we cannot identify the customer using this app... We need an app that can link to our existing shopify customer list and identify their active carts prior to checkout.


thank you in advance, looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


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