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Dear Shopify Partners ;


I would like to pay your attention about 3rd party apps which are so dangerous to charge you additional costs without your knowledge!!!


When you download an app with free trial ( for example 14 days free trial period) you think you will try it 14 days and they will come to you for your approval or comment if you would like to continue or not but in reality they are not asking you after free trial period ended!!! You think they cannot charge you because you did not provide your bank account details to 3rd party apps but Shopify has your bank account details and they are trying to charge you without your approval or knowledge!


Please be carefull and I strongly advice you "DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY APP FOR A FREE TRIAL PERIOD" , Shopify will not support you in this case , they are supporting their 3rd party apps partners and charging you the cost instead of 3rd party apps.


IN LEGAL WAY ; after free trial period is ended then Shopify or 3rd party apps must ask you if you would like to continue or not then they should charge you but it does not work in this way.

So if you already downloaded some apps for FREE TRIAL PERIOD then be ready for additional charges - which is so dangerous for your limited budged!


For all Shopify user's attention.


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What rubbish, before you start your free trial you go through a charge acceptance screen. Pay attention to the details in it, it will indicate how long the free trial is for, when will it end and when will you be charged (if there is a variable pricing, details of indicating anticipated charges). If you are not comfortable with what's presented, don't use the app, but most app will be very transparent with this.

Yes, apps usually don't notify you when the trial is ending, but that's mostly because how many emails do you even pay attention to when it is sent by an app? Or better yet, how many of you provide a legit email address on the store for apps to email you on? Not many.

So keep your negativity to your self and maybe pay a bit more attention to the charge acceptance screen, you will seldom have a bad experience.